Melanie, 51, gets a €2,000 water bill, but no one helps her, “My complaints have been ignored”

Melanie, 51, gets a €2,000 water bill, but no one helps her,

Melanie Scott de Mendez, 51, is a mom from Cornwall, England. And he got a very bad surprise of his water bill, which is roughly equivalent to 2000 Euros.

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She explains that she reported a leak to her housing association, but they were unable to fix it, as reported by The Sun. According to him, South West Water (English Water Company) is aware of this, but no one is helping him.

Melanie, whose bill is usually around 80 euros, explains: “I tried several times to raise my concerns with my housing provider, the Sanctuary Housing and Water Company because the huge bill increased. But my complaints were not met. Ignored because the cost kept rising. »

Melanie believes the leak began around June 20 when she was contacted by Southwest Water, who warned that her consumption was “abnormally high”.

As The Sun explains, they asked him to conduct several investigations around his property to try to figure out where it came from. He reportedly found the leak and claimed that he was told it was the housing provider’s responsibility to fix it.

“They offered to keep my bill until July 20th, but when I contacted our property managers, Sanctuary Housing, they sent one person who couldn’t resolve the issue. Then for weeks nothing happened, so I went to Sanctuary Filed several formal complaints at Housing and South West Water. I only got automatic responses saying someone would contact me within 48 hours – but no one got back to me until I spoke to the press. »

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The problem is that even though Sanctuary Housing had provided him with his house, the water bill is in his name. “This is obviously very stressful and worrying, and the problem is still not technically resolved. Their biggest disappointment with the incident is that the water is “unnecessarily wasted”.


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