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Speaking at an election campaign event ahead of the September 26 elections, Merkel urged consideration of reversing Western policy to seek achievements beyond the stated objective of preventing the Central Asian country from becoming an epicenter of terrorism.

Shortly after a visit to Moscow, where he shared with Russian President Vladimir Putin his concerns about the situation on Afghan soil in recent days, the German leader acknowledged that the NATO mission had been cut short.

Although more than 150,000 people lost their lives in two decades of US troops and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) occupation, Merkel spoke of the aim of bringing more democracy to Afghanistan.

We wanted a free and better life for all, especially women and girls, but we didn’t achieve it, the federal chancellor said in violation of a letter two months after the 20th anniversary of the US military invasion of Afghanistan. United Nations

Merkel described the situation in the Central Asian country after the Taliban movement came to power as dramatic and tragic, especially because of the situation in Kabul, whose international airport now faces real chaos, highlights the capital’s press .

The German leader, who would refrain from running for a new mandate, said the mission was now to save the people, both civilians and other countries of the Atlantic Alliance, and some Afghan civilians. About two thousand people have already been taken to Germany.

According to the Deutsche Welle channel, at least two German Airbus H145M military helicopters, along with special forces, take part in the evacuation of people from troubled areas to Kabul airport to facilitate departure from the country.

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Press media commented that, in the two decades of military operations and occupation, including the imposition of an Afghan government by the West, they were far from surviving the failure of that operation.

Contrary to what was predicted by US intelligence, President Ashraf Ghani’s government would function for the next three months, with the Taliban launching a lightning strike that allowed it to gain control of the entire country in a matter of days.

Under these circumstances, the German government announced the suspension of funding for development programs for the poor Central Asian country, whose conflict turned 11 million people into refugees.

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