Micron: Chile bans entry of foreigners passing through southern Africa and adjusts border plan. National

  Micron: Chile bans entry of foreigners passing through southern Africa and adjusts border plan.  National

This Monday, the Ministry of Health announced a series Revision of Protected Boundary Scheme Due to the presence of the Omicron version of COVID-19.

Entry of non-resident foreigners in the first place till Wednesday, 1st December During the last 14 days you have lived in the following countries of Africa:

– South Africa.
– Zimbabwe.
– Namibia.
– Botswana.
– Lesotho.
– Eswatini.
– Mozambique.

Meanwhile, Chileans and resident foreigners returning from these countries must Do a PCR at the place of entry and be in quarantine for at least 7 daysregardless of your vaccination status or test results.


On the other hand, according to the announcement made by the Under Secretary of Assistance Networks, Alberto Dougnac, the opening of the land crossing Chacluta, Pino Hachado and Kolchen.

However, the air route of Santiago, Iquique, Antofagasta and Punta Arenas.

file | UNO Agency

Who can enter the country?

Those who can enter the country through the steps provided are Chileans and resident foreigners.

In addition, all non-resident foreigners (unless they come from countries with restrictions) who Their Vaccines Are Validated by Minsal or who comply with any extraordinary requirement of the Decree of the Ministry of the Interior.

At the same time, boys and girls below 6 years of age can also enter the country. regardless of their nationality or vaccination status.

Requirements to enter

Chileans and resident foreigners must have a Negative PCR, taken up to 72 hours before boarding the plane (from the age of two) and an affidavit in the country of origin.

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In case of non-resident foreigners, they should have Vaccination plan validated by Ministry of Health and negative PCR with the same conditions as in the previous group.

In addition, an affidavit and a Medical insurance from $30,000, which covers illnesses associated with the coronavirus.

testing and isolation

According to Dougnac, those who were given a booster dose would be exempted from PCR testing when they entered Chile. However, with the appearance of the Omicron version, this measure has been postponed.

All vaccinated persons must Do a PCR at the place of entry and quarantine till a negative result is obtained.

As stated earlier, this does not apply to Chileans and foreign residents who were in any African country with restrictions, who must be quarantined for 7 days, regardless of vaccination schedule.

Finally, everyone over the age of 6 who can enter the country and their vaccines are not valid must Do a PCR and quarantine for 7 days regardless of the test result.

file | UNO Agency

other measures

People with positive PCR and suspected omicron variant Complete your mandatory quarantine in sanitary accommodations or where the authority determines it.

Genomic surveillance of foreign arrivals will be strengthened for timely detection of the new variant.

In the meantime, the ban on crossing the authorized border to leave Chile will be lifted. i.e, Mobility pass or virtual police station permission will not be required.


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