Micron: Israel announces it will implement fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine

Una trabajadora de la salud administra una dosis de la vacuna contra el coronavirus de Pfizer-BioNtech a una mujer embarazada en Clalit Health Services, en Tel Aviv, Israel, el 23 de enero de 2021

The government of Israel ordered that Healthcare workers and immunosuppressed people or people over the age of 60 may receive a fourth dose of the vaccine. coronavirusPrime Minister Naftali Bennett made the announcement today.

The decision was adopted by a panel of local health experts, the Epidemic Treatment Personnel, and was revealed through a statement in which the president called for his country’s population to be re-vaccinated.

“This is wonderful news that will help us overcome the omicrons that are engulfing the world,” Bennett said, adding that Israel, the first country to approve the use of a third dose, has once again positioned itself as a health “pioneer.” installing in. With the application of the fourth.

“Even in this wave, as we did [la variante] Delta, our goal is to stay active and do our best to win. The world will follow us ”, added the premier on his social network. In addition, it alerted the public that The Omicron Edition Represents a “Real Challenge” But that, “together” it was possible to defeat him.

Those who are eligible to take a fourth dose will at least be able to do so. Four months after the third application, reported the Ministry of Health in another statement.

Till today, Israeli health officials have detected more than 340 positive cases of the new strain of coronavirus170 of them are on this Tuesday, though he suspects another 800 may be infected.

According to official figures, more than 4.1 million people out of a total of 9.3 million residents in the country received three doses of coronavirus vaccines.

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In the last 24 hours, a total of 1,323 new cases have been detected, thus taking the total number of infected since the start of the pandemic to around 1,358,000. Apart from this, 8,232 people have died due to this virus in Israel.

In parallel, Israel today added the United States and other countries to its list of risky destinations on which it imposes travel restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus.

With information from Telam and Europa Press agencies


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