Military analysts believe the Israeli military used the press to mislead Hamas in its attacks on the Gaza Strip.


Shortly after midnight on Friday, the Israeli armed forces issued a disturbing statement to the press: “Israel Defense Forces Military Air and Ground Division Division They are attacking the Gaza Strip right now. “

The short sentence provoked intense speculation that Israel had launched a ground invasion in Gaza, A highly anticipated scenario that would mark a bloody escalation of the operation Against Hamas fighters this week. Some journalists have been told clearly that raids have started.

Hours later, the armed forces “clarified”. That there were no soldiers inside Gaza. But by then, several major news outlets had misunderstood the ongoing ground attack.

Although the military tried to downplay the incident and portray it as a misunderstanding, well-known Israeli military commentators stated that The press was used as part of a detailed plan to trap Hamas fighters in deadly traps. In which probably dozens of them were eliminated.

“They did not lie”Or as Heller said, a veteran military correspondent for Israel’s Channel 13 TV. “It was a manipulation. It was a trick and it was successful”.

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