Minneapolis has agreed to pay $ 27 million to its family

Minneapolis has agreed to pay $ 27 million to its family

Minneapolis will pay $ 27 million to settle a civil lawsuit filed by the family of George Floyd, who was brutally murdered by a police officer. NBC News reported that the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved the agreement with family members.

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Months after family members filed a lawsuit over Floyd’s murder, a lawsuit was filed against the Minneapolis municipality and there were four police officers involved in the arrest, during which Floyd was murdered.

Riots in america after the murder of george floyd Photo: Reuters

In a statement to the media, lawyer Ben Cramp, who specializes in civil rights and represents Floyd’s family, said the system “sends a strong message that the lives of blacks matter” and police against blacks The barbarity of should end.

Floyd’s death led to the development of one of the largest protest movements in the United States – Black Lives Matter.

“This agreement is a necessary step for all of us to close a circle in this matter,” said Floyd Rodney’s brother. “For those who loved him, George’s legacy will always be his sense of optimism that things can always get better and we hope that the deal will do just that – that he will make things a little better in Minneapolis and all over the country. Give hope to different communities of India “

Floyd was murdered last May. The officer who arrested him, Derek Schubin, had a knife on his neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, while Floyd stated that he could not breathe and could be choked.

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His death sparked worldwide protests as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, which led to calls for reform in policing in the United States.

Chauvin was charged with second and third degree murder as well as Floyd’s murder. For now, the jury’s selection for the trial continues.


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