Missed bullet from a thief? Man trapped in Rome tunnel for 8 hours

 Missed bullet from a thief?  Man trapped in Rome tunnel for 8 hours

A suspected thief who may have been digging a tunnel with his colleagues in Rome to rob a bank was buried under rubble for nearly eight hours on Thursday, before being rescued when the roof collapsed, the Carabinieri confirmed Friday.

“Two men were arrested from Naples for protesting a public official and two others from Rome were arrested for the damage caused, one of whom was in a hole and is now in hospital”Carabinieri Press Service said.

“Investigation is still on, we do not rule out that they are thieves, this is a hypothesis”, Press service added.

buried under hundreds of kilos of soil and material

AFP-TV said dozens of firefighters were busy surrounding a hole to try and retrieve a man buried under hundreds of kilos of mud and construction material after the tunnel collapsed.

According to media reports, the man and his accomplices who were arrested near the vacant shop under which they were digging the tunnel are suspected to have targeted a nearby bank and entered it at the end of the week. planned. August 15, the Feast of the Assumption, when all of Italy stops.

A missed shot? most likely explanation

The presence of an articular tunnel in this area is hard to find any explanation other than a missed shot, a hypothesis relayed by all dailies.

Corriere della Sera thus writes “thief trapped in tunnel for nine hours”, for La Stampa “the purpose was to enter the vault”, while La Repubblica titled “he digs a tunnel for a burglary but remains buried”.

“Nobody really noticed because this store was rented out and everyone thought it was being reorganized, other than that there was no noise”, Michel, a resident of the building who saw the collapsed section of the tunnel, told AFP-TV.

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