Mission Impossible: Senior Israeli officials visited the United States to prevent the US from negotiating with Iran.

Mission Impossible: Senior Israeli officials visited the United States to prevent the US from negotiating with Iran.

Original title: Mission Impossible: Senior Israeli officials visit United States to prevent United States from negotiating with Iran

China News Service, 28 April. According to a report by Al Jazeera’s Chinese network on 27, the parties to the Iran nuclear deal are preparing to return to the United States agreement and negotiate to meet Iran’s terms again. The settlement, a high-level Israeli security delegation, comes to Washington to discuss Tel Aviv’s concerns about the risks of returning to the Iran nuclear deal. Israel opposed the United States to have concrete negotiations on the Iran nuclear deal.

According to reports, senior Israeli security officials led the delegation, which included Mel Ben Shabat, president of Israel’s National Security Council, and Yossi Cohen, director of Mossad. The US report reported that the Israeli delegation received instructions from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to resume the “Joint Comprehensive Action Plan” and direct the United States to conduct concrete negotiations on the Iranian nuclear deal.

  Will history repeat itself?

In 2015, weeks before Tehran, Washington and the world’s five countries reached the Iran nuclear deal, Netanyahu visited the United States at the invitation of Republican leaders from both houses of the Washington Congress. According to reports, at the time, Netanyahu gave a speech opposing negotiations between the administration of US President Barack Obama and the Iranian government.

Today, Netanyahu requires senior officials of his government to travel to the United States this week to convey intelligence about Iran and to express Israel’s concerns about Iran returning to the nuclear deal Meeting with military and intelligence officers and members of Congress.

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According to Washington commentators, Israel can continue to hit Iranian targets without returning to Washington.

The report states that six years ago, Netanyahu failed to change Washington’s position, similarly, this time, the visit of Israeli officials is not expected to change the position of the Biden administration to return to the nuclear deal.

  “Work that cannot be done”

Barbara Slavin, an expert on Iran at the Atlantic Council, said Biden administration officials would explain to Israel the consequences of the talks, and suggested that during the negotiations, Israel should stop its attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Slavin insisted in an interview with Al Jazeera that he believed Netanyahu’s desire to prevent the US from returning to the nuclear deal would not succeed.

At a White House press conference, when asked if visiting the Israeli delegation could change the US government’s stance on resuming the Iran nuclear deal, White House spokesman Saki said, “No.”

Sasaki spoke about the notification of Washington’s talks on the Israeli-Iranian nuclear deal.

Despite Psaki’s statement, former Israeli official Dole Gold said it is very important for Israel to share all relevant intelligence information about Iran with the United States, and elaborate on issues related to negotiations with Iran.

  Disagreements on Iran between America and Iran

The report said that Israel does not consider itself a party to the Iran nuclear deal. Therefore, the official position of Israel is not bound in any way.

Earlier in 2021, Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Gilead Erdan warned that if the Biden administration reverted to a joint comprehensive action plan, Washington and Tel Aviv would hold various positions on Iranian policy.

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Israel requires that any new agreement restrict Iran’s missile program and restrict Iran’s “interference” in the region, particularly the countries of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria.

On the other hand, the Biden administration believes that re-compliance with the terms of the nuclear deal will be in the strategic interests of the United States, as the Iran nuclear agreement prevents Iran from developing its military nuclear capabilities.

For more than a year since the presidential campaign began, Biden has vowed to return to the Iran nuclear deal that the former President Trump administration withdrew in 2018.

The report stated that the United States and Israel are disappointed with each other’s position, and that there is a lack of trust, coordination and transparency between the two sides. In view of this, Israel and the United States formed a joint working group to coordinate with each other. The Working Group held a bilateral National Security Advisory level meeting on 13 April.

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