Mohammad Bajoum, candidate for power, elected president of Niger

Mohammad Bajoum, candidate for power, elected president of Niger

Faithful to the outgoing President, Mohammad bazoom According to the results released on Tuesday 23 February by the Independent National Election Commission (CENI), the Nigerian won the second round of the presidential election with 55.75% of the vote against opposition candidate Mahamane Osman (44.25%).

These “The results are provisional and must be submitted for analysis by the Constitutional Court”Said, the president of CENI, Isaka Sauna, in front of the diplomatic corps and Nigerian officials gathered at the Pallas des Congress in Nemi.

Despite the insecurity caused by jihadists in the country, voters in Niger voted for the second round on Sunday. According to CENI, the participation rate was 62.91%, specifying that Mr. Bazoom collected 2,501,459 votes, while calling for Mr. Ousman to vote out of 7.4 million voters against 1,985,736. Bazoum garnered 39.3% of the votes in the first round on December 27, 2020, while in Osman it was around 17%.

Contest of results

Hours before the publication of the second round of results on Tuesday, the opposition had already denied «Un-hold» Election. “I ask all Nigerians (…) Gathering as one person to thwart this electoral hold, Had told the press director Phalke Bakhrau, the campaign director of opposition candidate Mahamane Osman. Mr. Bacha considered that “The results being published are in many cases not in accordance with the wishes of the people”, Condemned without providing evidence of fraud.

Near the ruling party’s headquarters, where Mohammed Bazoom is to speak, opposition protesters gathered and were chased by large numbers of police officers and tear gas fired.

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Supporters of opposition candidate Mahamane Osman demonstrated against the presidential election results in Niger on Tuesday 23 February.

The outgoing president, 68-year-old Mahamadou Issoufou, is not represented at the end of his two constitutional terms and, after ten years in power, this presidential election must mark the first democratic transition between two presidents elected in this poor Sahelian country. , Who are addicted to wells. ‘Tat since its independence in 1960. According to many observers, the real success of the ballot lies in the acceptance of the final results by all parties.

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The second round mourned the death of at least eight election officials. : The vehicle in which seven of them were found collided with a mine in the Tilbari region (Mali and Burkina Faso to the west), another was hit by the Defa region (to the south-east, on the border of Nigeria). West of the country, “Three Limits” The attacks are aimed at jihadist groups linked to the Islamic State organization, formerly attacks by Nigerian jihadists from Boko Haram.

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