Moroccan Sahara: the affiliation of the pseudo “rusad” to au, a contradiction (ips)


“What the Organization of African Unity has done by accepting a non-state entity within itself is a contradiction with the business of the African Union, which should represent a group of sovereign and independent states”, a- he declared to MAP But on the sidelines of a symposium organized by IPS in Dakar on Wednesday on the topic “Thinking about the recourse issue and promoting innovative solutions”.

Today, the African Union is home to an entity that is “neither a sovereign nor an autonomous state and we ask others to manage to understand, which is illogical”, Mr. Gadio argued.

To meet the challenges, “Africa needs to address these problems by starting by freezing membership of institutions such as the RAAS, which is fundamentally due to the support of only a few states, one country in particular”, ( Pointing to Algeria) ), he continued.

How “we have long settled into a kind of impasse when Morocco, which has always had the courage to offer solutions, proposed a deal described by the United Nations as serious, credible and realistic, in this case Sahara in the Autonomy Plan”, asked the former head of Senegalese diplomacy, confirming that “the Moroccan proposal is a solid basis for solving this problem”.

“Today, while Africa faces various challenges including terrorism and insecurity, can we continue the political game around the question of the Sahara, which has delayed Africa’s progress?”, he said.

We must end all of this, he said, “starting with the settlement of the Sahara issue”, welcoming such a meeting, which would make it possible to elevate African reflections and “awaken each other’s consciousness”. So that they can fulfill their responsibility for the rise of Africa.

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With a sub-regional dimension, the Dakar Symposium brought together experts, political figures and eminent members of West African civil society from Senegal, Cape Verde, Cte d’Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali and Mauritania.


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