Morocco-Spain: tensions rise in the center of Brussels (VIDEO)

Morocco-Spain: tensions rise in the center of Brussels (VIDEO)

Following Morocco’s victory over Spain and their qualification to the quarter-finals on Tuesday, police had decided to divert some staib buses and trams and closed some major roads for fear of overflow.

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AleOroco qualified for the first time in their history into the quarter-finals of the World Cup after bringing down Spain on penalties (0-0, 0 from 3 tabs) on Tuesday in Doha. In Brussels, the police were anticipating new overflows this Tuesday evening.

By order of the police, the Porte de Halle tunnel was closed in the direction of Midi as well as the Boulevard du Midi in the direction of Porte d’Anderlecht. The police warned and advised to avoid the Midi/Lemonier sector. At around 11 pm, the police said that traffic has been restored.

Some Stub buses are also diverted on the orders of the police.

On Boulevard Lemonnier, about fifteen residents of the district formed a buffer between the crowd on one side and the police and the city center on the other. “We want to avoid incidents,” explains one of them. In the evening, police had to intervene to disperse some supporters, reports latest news, Security forces were targeted by stone pelting and water cannon and tear gas shells were fired.

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