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For the first time since the return of Afghanistan to power, India and Taliban There are going to be face-to-face during a meeting. The Indian delegation and Taliban officials will come face-to-face in a ‘Moscow format’ meeting on Wednesday (October 20) in the Russian capital, which is expected to discuss the security situation in Afghanistan and the formation of an inclusive government. This is the first version of this ‘Moscow format’ since the overthrow of the Ashraf Ghani government by the Taliban on 5 August.

Russia has informed that a delegation of 10 countries and Taliban will participate in the Moscow format meeting regarding the situation in Afghanistan. This meeting will be held today i.e. on October 20, in which India will also play an important role. India has given its yes to participate in this meeting. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has said that on October 20, an invitation has been received for a meeting on the Moscow format on the Afghanistan issue and we are participating in it. Not only this, Pakistan and China are also participating in this meeting.

The Indian delegation at the third Moscow format meeting will be led by Joint Secretary JP Singh, who heads the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran desk in the Ministry of External Affairs. The possibility of informal contact between the Indian team and the Taliban on the sidelines of the meeting in Moscow has not been ruled out. Sputnik reports that the meeting in Moscow will focus on the military, the political situation in Afghanistan, the formation of an inclusive government and international efforts to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergi Lavrov will address the participants of the meeting. The Russian Foreign Ministry has informed that the prospects for military and political development in Afghanistan and the formation of an inclusive government will be discussed. We will all strengthen the world’s efforts to stop the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. A joint statement will also be issued after the meeting.

The Taliban delegation will be led by Abdul Salam Hanafi, deputy prime minister of the interim Afghan government. This information was given by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, Abdul Kahar Balkhi. Twitter written on. The Taliban hopes that issues of mutual interest will be discussed from this meeting. Let us tell you that the Moscow format was announced in 2017. At that time this group included countries like Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iran and India along with Russia.

India has warned about Talibani system
India has already registered its vocal objection to the Talibani system. It has said that Afghan land should not be used for terrorism and extremism. Objections have also been raised about the non-representation of all classes in the Talibani system. However, through the Bharat back door channel, the channel of dialogue with all the concerned parties was kept open, so that the security and other concerns of the citizens of India should be addressed.


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