Most US presidents see Biden doing his job satisfactorily for the first 100 days.

Most US presidents see Biden doing his job satisfactorily for the first 100 days.

A poll by Reuters / Ipsos (Reuters / Ipsos) found that more than half of respondents were satisfied with the performance of President Joe Biden’s national leadership during the first 100 days of his term. This time the proportion of people who expressed satisfaction was more than this, former President Donald Trump has also received it for four years.

From the last 12 and 16 April referendum investigations of 4,423 people. Survey results showed that about 55 percent of respondents were satisfied with President Biden’s performance, 40 percent were dissatisfied, and about 5 percent said they were not sure.

Looking at the details of the survey, most people are satisfied with the performance of American leaders. Today people are facing coronovirus crisis in the field of economic management, employment generation. The problems of racial inequality are creating environmental problems and building unity in the nation.

At the same time, President Biden’s work is most displeasing to the issue of immigration policy. At a time when the government is receiving a huge influx of immigrants along the US-Mexico border.

A migrant from Honduras seeking asylum in the United States stands in front of rows of tents across the border on Monday, March 1, 2021, in Tijuana, Mexico. President Joe Biden is having a virtual meeting with Mexican President AndrĂ©s Manuel …

Reuters commented that it is beneficial for President Biden’s government to have months of preparation time to plan the COVID-19 response. This occurred after the COVID vaccine was released briefly for some time before assuming office, while economic data were still relatively small compared to the epidemic situation last year. And tens of millions of people are unemployed. It is difficult to make the figures even in the current government.

However, political historian Julian Selizer from Princeton University. Commented that the ratio of people satisfied with President Biden’s performance reflects a strong support for major programs in government, including the $ 1.9 trillion economic aid program, while President Biden is accelerating infrastructure development and improvement plans. $ 2 trillion value. It is also set to propose tax hikes to fund childcare programs and other programs for the wealthy. Live for american workers

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