Mother sees ‘cloudy mass’ in daughter’s eyes: She didn’t expect it

Mother sees 'cloudy mass' in daughter's eyes: She didn't expect it

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After a snowball fight, a mother thought her daughter had snow in her eyes… in fact, it was a rare cancer. He had a kind of white glow in his pupil, which is a symptom of retinoblastoma.

Britain’s 29-year-old Gina Hixon has told how she learned her 3-year-old daughter had a rare eye cancer after realizing the symptoms of ice in the girl’s eye.

In the middle of winter, after a snowball fight, little Darcy-Rose started showing symptoms, English media reveals Mirror, The mother noticed some kind of unusual white glow in her daughter’s left pupil. At first, he didn’t worry too much, thinking it was just a piece of ice. “We saw a cloud-like mass in Darcy-Rose’s eye. It changed shape depending on the orientation of her eye. At first we thought she had ice in her eye because of a snowball fight. I did a search on Google and found Childhood Came to the I Cancer Trust site, which I immediately declined”convinced mom Mirror,

Right eye was clear on CT scan and left eye had a large black lump

Days passed, but this white glow persisted. So Gina Hixon took Darcy-Rose to the doctor to have her eyesight checked. The girl was then referred to a specialist, where her CT scan was done. “When he got the scan, there were posters on the wall in the room showing what to look for, and how the various eye conditions appeared on the screen. The cancer picture and I held my breath”Gina slipped. “The right eye was clear on the scanner and the left eye had a large black mass”He continues.

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The mother now knew what was wrong with the 3-year-old girl. This is retinoblastoma, a rare eye cancer that usually affects children under the age of six. Mirror, Typical symptoms of retinoblastoma include a white glow that is visible only in certain lights or strabismus – as well as a change in the appearance of the eye or a swollen eye, although often only one sign or symptom is present.

“Our world collapsed. Everything was still but even around us was blurry”explains to mother.

Chemotherapy and operation

The little girl underwent chemotherapy sessions at a London hospital, but despite this, doctors discovered another cancer in Darcy-Rose’s eye. So two choices were made: either the girl received chemotherapy injections into the eye, or her eye was detached. Parents chose the first option. “He had better eyesight and was worth fighting for to save him”assured Gina.

Unfortunately, the tumor continued to spread around the girl’s retina and chemotherapy was no longer enough. Darcy-Rose had to have her left eye removed. Instead, doctors fitted him with a prosthesis. Despite all this, Darcy-Rose maintains her zest for life and enjoys life to the fullest. “She’s the funniest, bubbiest person I’ve ever lived. She makes me laugh every day. She’s so smart and inquisitive. She’s made every journey easy with her zest for life. She loves sports and horse riding, even though She only sees with one eye.”, said his mother. The latter will also run the London Marathon in October to raise funds for this. Childhood Eye Cancer TrustWho supported the family in this terrible tragedy.

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