Multi-millionaire Marlene, 30, demands that her “unfair” inheritance be taxed and wants 90% of her fortune redistributed: “Tax us!” (Video)

 Multi-millionaire Marlene, 30, demands that her

Austro-German Marlene Engelhorn, 30, recently became a multi-millionaire after receiving a large inheritance from her grandmother. In an interview with The New York Times, she pleads to be taxed more for large inheritances.

According to Forbes magazine, the fortune left behind by Tradel Engelhorn-Vecchiatto is estimated at $4.2 billion. A portion of this money will go to his granddaughter Marlene: ” I still don’t know exactly how much, we haven’t read the will yet, but probably millions of Euros Says the latter.

The 30-year-old believes the inheritance is “unfair” and asks the Austrian state to take at least 90% of her fortune: “I never worked for it”. she adds : ” It is unfair that a human being is extremely wealthy, that he does not pay taxes and that he can take advantage of his fortune to influence the political debate on the subject. ,

“In an ideal world, I would be heavily taxed”

There is actually no inheritance tax in Austria. , In an ideal world, I would be heavily taxed. Millionaires should not be allowed to determine whether or not they make a fair contribution to the society in which they live and without which they could not have become millionaires. Social justice is in everyone’s interest. Property tax is the least we can do. Do it to us! “, she told the New York Times.

Coming from the upper bourgeoisie, Marlene says that while she grew up in a “parallel society of the wealthy”, she felt like attending a public university with “ordinary people”. Now she is wondering how she will be able to redistribute her inheritance: ” And then I’ll go to work. If I had a choice, a real choice, I’d already be in a publishing house as a voter ,

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