“My Jaw Was Dropping, I Really Regret Doing That” (VIDEO)

John McDonald, a 34-year-old British businessman, had a complex about his teeth and decided, like many people, to go to Turkey for dental surgery.

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It was last March when John went to Turkey for his operation. He states in Pillars of the Sun that the fact that he first had all of his real teeth removed caused him panic upon arrival. “My mouth was completely numb. So I didn’t really feel like my teeth were shaved. They didn’t hurt after they were shaved,” says John.


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For Britton, there were the most painful aspects. “It was mortal agony,” he says. “The tube that collects your saliva kept touching the roots of the teeth which were very sensitive”, testifies John.

But above all, what particularly surprised him was that the process took seven days less than usual. He thinks that’s why he has to fix everything today…

Because shortly after everything got complicated for Britain. “My jaw ached for about a month. I think it’s because I did it all in four days, it was done in a hurry,” says John, who on top of that found he couldn’t eat everything he wanted once it surfaced. Wanted.” You have to watch what you eat. I was a big pistachio lover. Previously, I loved cracking open the shell with my teeth. I can’t do that now,” he said.

But worst of all, the operation was badly done and John will now have to pay £27,000 (€31,700) if he wants to have them done again in Scotland. The Briton does not have a good experience of laying veneers: his jaw always hurts, he regurgitates and no longer knows how to chew everything properly. “I really, really regret doing it. I advise against anyone doing it,” he explains. “I went to a place in Glasgow last week and they are asking me for around £27,000 (31,700 euros),” says John. “No, it’s a bit much,” he says. So he will take his troubles patiently and will not have another operation, although he is constantly under stress for damaging his false teeth.

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