Myanmar military commander Surti Thai requesting help from PM

Panglima militer Myanmar, Jenderal Min Aung Hlaing diketahui menyurati PM Thailand Prayuth Chan-ocha untuk meminta bantuan usai melakukan kudeta.

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Commander of the armed forces Myanmar (Tatmadaw), known for helping the Prime Minister to General Min Ang Hlang Thailand Prayan Chan-Osha after committing Coup Against civic leaders.

Prathuth was chosen as the Prime Minister of Thailand in 2014 after regaining the government after seizing power in the coup and winning the controversial election in 2019.

Prathuth said that he had received a letter from the leader of the military paradise to support democracy in Myanmar.

“We support the democratic process in Myanmar, but the most important thing right now is to maintain good relations because it has an impact on society, the economy, trade on the border, especially now,” Prathuth said.

He expressed his support for the currently ongoing democratic process in Myanmar.

“Thailand supports the democratic process. The rest is up to us on how to proceed,” Pruthuth said. Reuters

Thai and Myanmar soldiers have close working relations in recent decades.

Aung Hling detained elected civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi on 1 February and several prominent personalities of the National League for Democracy (NLD) party. Aung Hling accused him of fraud in the elections won by the NLD.

In his inauguration speech after the coup, Aung Haling blamed politicians who were shown to be unable to settle disputes over the coup’s election results. His statement was aired on Mayawadi TV on Tuesday (9/2).

“We have asked the General Election Commission, Parliament (Halutta) and the President to resolve the voter list issue, but they failed,” Min said.

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Min claimed that Tatmadaw tried to negotiate the matter until the last minute. However, he said that the government failed to perform its duties.

“This is why the military must declare a national emergency according to the 2008 constitution to maintain a democratic system and now we are fulfilling our duties to the nation and the state,” Min said.

The military coup in Myanmar attracted strong opposition from residents. Demonstrations took place in several major cities in recent times.

The public rejected the military coup and demanded the release of a number of senior figures from Suu Kyi, Myanmar President Vin Mint and the ruling party, the NLD.

Hours after detaining several officers, Tatmadov declared martial law for a year


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