Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan: China announces “targeted military action”

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan: China announces

In response to the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives to Taiwan, China announced “targeted military action”. The visit escalates tensions between the United States and China, which consider the island part of its territory.

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TookChina on Tuesday denounced the United States’ “extremely dangerous” attitude and announced “targeted military action” in response to a visit by the leader of US Representative Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, the region which Beijing considers one of its provinces.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the United States is (…) trying to use Taiwan to control China, adding that Washington “distorts, obscures, and deprives the One China doctrine”. continues to do so, to intensify its official exchanges with Taiwan and to encourage “independence” of Taiwan’s separatist activities. These acts like playing with fire are extremely dangerous.

The leader of the US deputation, Nancy Pelosi, landed in Taiwan on Tuesday despite warnings from China, which regards the visit as a serious provocation that risks stoking already strained Sino-US relations.

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