Nazi shipbreak from Poland could solve Amber Room mystery World War II

Polish divers say they have wrecked a German World War II ship that could help solve a decades-old mystery about the location of the Amber Room. A decorative chamber that the Nazis looted from Russia’s wire palace.

Equipped with amber and gold, the room was part of Catherine’s Palace near St. Petersburg. He was last seen in the Baltic port city, Knicksburg Germany But now the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

The Karlsruhe steamer sailed from Knicksburg in 1945 with heavy cargo before it was docked by Soviet warplanes. Poland.

Baltitech group divers say they have found the wreckage of Karlsruhe.

“We’ve been searching for wrecked sites since last year when we realized that the bottom of the Baltic Sea might be the most interesting, unfamiliar story,” said Tomasz Stachura, a divers.

Divers say military vehicles and lots of crates found in Carluse's Holds
Divers say military vehicles and lots of crates found in Carluse’s hold. Photograph: Baltitech / Reuters

“It simply came to our notice then. In its holding we have found military vehicles, porcelain and many crates whose contents are still unknown. “

Karlsruhe took part in Operation Hannibal, the largest sea evacuation in history, which allowed more than a million German soldiers and East Prussian civilians to escape Soviet progress by the end of World War II.

Documentation at the time indicates that the ship left the car Niggsburg in a hurry with a large cargo and 1,083 people in the morning.

“All this, put together, stimulates the human imagination. Another of the divers, Tomasz Zwara, said the search for a German steamer and crates with still unknown comfort contents at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

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The Amber Room was built in Prussia, followed by Peter the Great Russia As present in 1716.

The Nazis beheaded him and took him to Knicksburg Meanwhile disappeared Allied bombing on the city. Many believe it was destroyed. Russian artisans have replicated a room in Catherine Palace.


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