Nearly half of American kids believe “hot dogs and bacon are vegetables” -Gigazin

Nearly half of American kids believe

According to a survey of children aged 4 to 7 in the United States, about 40% of children think that “hot dogs and bacon are vegetables”, “a misunderstanding of basic food wisdom”. It turns out there is.

Children are carnivores: an opportunity to tackle climate change – ScienceDirect

Erin Hahn, a psychologist at Furman University, believes that eating vegetable foods instead of animal foods can help “improve climate change.” We examined children’s knowledge of food in anticipation of future climate change.

The survey subjects were 176 children aged 4 to 7 living in metropolitan areas of the United States. Mr. Hahn said, “Show me a picture of the food and let me choose whether it’s plant-derived or animal-derived.” “Show me a picture of food and non-food and let me choose whether it’s okay to eat.” 2 We conducted two surveys.

The results showed that all animal foods except milk were misidentified by at least 30% of the children. The percentage was 36.36% for hamburgers, 39.77% for hot dogs, and 40.91% for bacon. “Even chicken nuggets with animal names on them have been determined by more than 30% of children to be derived from the plant,” Hahn wrote. In addition, 46.59% of the most common children had the wrong origin of french fries.

According to a survey that asked students to choose whether or not they could eat oranges, about 5 to 6% of children classified oranges as “don’t eat” and cats as “can eat.” About 70-80% of children decided that they should not eat cows, pigs and chickens.

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Hahn said, “One of the reasons children have misconceptions about animal foods is that parents are hesitant to talk to their kids about ‘where does meat come from.’ Huh.”

However, Hahn said, “a lack of knowledge about animal foods can impair ethical judgments about animals. We should avoid distorting or distorting information about the origin of animal foods.” I told

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