Nemo’s Garden, Underwater Farm for Ground Plants

Nemo's Garden, Underwater Farm for Ground Plants

In the Mediterranean Sea it is possible to grow fruits, vegetables or aromatic plants in submerged greenhouses more than 6 meters deep. And at Nemo’s Garden in Italy, it works!

This A unique underwater research project was born somewhat by chance in 2012 in the mind of Sergio Gambarini, owner of a diving equipment company off the Ligurian coast. When a friend challenges him to grow basil under the sea, Gambarini places some of the seeds in an airtight plastic box that he places in an 8-meter-deep air balloon. The result is astonishing. The plant, however sensitive to temperature and humidity, survives and thrives. Better yet, once brought to the surface, tasted and analyzed, reveals a higher concentration of basil essential oil: 72% against 57% on Earth.

Sergio Gambarini, supported by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Pisa, then extended the experience with an underwater farm. Nemo’s Garden Is Born, purpose ? Experiment with an alternative farming system that can be relocated to areas that are impossible to cultivate due to harsh climates, lack of fresh water and arable land. YouA small revolution, a crazy project.

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