New Instagram update for teen safety – Tech

New Instagram update for teen safety - Tech

The Instagram platform has introduced a new feature, which will limit teenagers’ interactions with adults, so as to increase their security and sense of security when using the application.

Instagram said in a statement that the new policy prohibits adults under 18 from sending direct messages to people who do not follow them.

And when an adult tries to talk directly to a teenager who is not following them, they will receive a notification that they are not an option.

According to the “Al Hurra” channel, Instagram will rely on the “machine learning” feature and information given by users by registration.

In addition to restricting the interaction, teen accounts will receive notifications encouraging them to be cautious in conversations with an adult “demonstrating potentially potentially suspicious behavior” in direct messages.

For example, if an adult sends a large number of friend requests or messages to users under the age of 18, this tool will alert the recipients of the message and request and end the conversation or the possibility of stopping or restricting it. Will work for Person or his reporting.


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