New investigation against Navalny – Wiener Zitung online

New investigation against Navalny - Wiener Zitung online

The Russian public prosecutor’s office has announced a new investigation by Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny. It was alleged that private donations were made to the public organizations controlled by him, it was said on Tuesday. He and other, anonymous people would have spent 356 million rubles (about 3.9 million euros) this way.

On Twitter, Navalny said the allegations were fabricated and directed by President Vladimir Putin. Anti-politician is in Germany.

Navalny fell on a domestic flight in August and was taken out for treatment in Berlin Cherite. According to the federal government, he was poisoned with a neurotoxin from the Novichok group, which was developed during the Soviet period.

Navalny accused Putin of being the mastermind behind the attack. The Moscow government has denied involvement, labeling the incident as part of an American-backed conspiracy to discredit Putin.

In the last few days, the pressure on Navalni to return to her homeland has increased. Russian prison officials gave the opposition party an ultimatum to meet the conditions of the previous suspended sentence and report to Russian authorities. Otherwise there is a risk of imprisonment. (reu / dpa)

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