New method used by Ukraine to deceive Russian drones

New method used by Ukraine to deceive Russian drones

For several weeks, Ukraine has been deploying simulated wooden targets that are often indistinguishable from real missile systems through the lens of Russian drones. According to the newspaper, the Russians have already fired more than a dozen expensive cruise missiles at it. Washington Post,

It is one of several tactics the Ukrainian armed forces have adopted to retaliate against a larger and better equipped attacking enemy.

How do these fake wood targets work? Russian drones transmit their target location to military ships in the Black Sea, which then fire long-range missiles at it. “When drones see wooden targets, they think it’s some kind of VIP target”said a Ukrainian official who spoke with Washington Post,

“Russia claims that we have disabled more HIMARS (US missile systems, editor’s note) before being sent to Ukraine”, said an American diplomat. The Pentagon said earlier this month that all 16 HIMARS supplied by the United States to Ukraine since the Russian invasion were still operational.

Ukraine is extremely excited about the losses on the battlefield and has decided to make more fake wooden targets so that they can be used in more places.

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