News18 Telugu – ప్రేమంటే ప్రేమంటే … Telugu 23 ప్రేమంటే ప్రేమంటే ప్రేమంటే an- mourning the death of his companions, stops 23 trains in Germany

True Love : ప్రేమంటే ఇదేరా...జర్మనీలో 23 రైళ్లను ఆపిన ట్రూ లవ్

Swan Block 23 trains (from: Twitter)

Love is not just among humans .. The incident in Germany is an example of how animals and birds can be the same. Animals are superior to humans in showing selfless love. A swan who lost his partner stopped 23 high-speed trains at once. Going into details .. Two swans flew into the sky and flew across the railway line at high speed. During this sequence, a swan got stuck in an overhead power cable and died. With that, the rest of the swan stayed on the railway track and saw the dead partner’s corpse. The officers tried to drive Hans away, but he did not move. Looking at the dead goose for about 50 minutes .. mourning .. remained there as a sign of mourning. The officers who understood its dumbness left the goose. After about 50 minutes firefighters arrived and removed the body of the dead goose and the pair of swans also left from there. During these 50 minutes, 23 trains were delayed due to no traffic on the track.

If that’s the case .. then some pictures of Hans losing his partner and wandering on the rail have been posted on social media and now they have gone viral. This incident once again proved that animals and birds can not only have feelings like love, but can also be sensitive. They have proven to cause more pain than we do. This incident reminded people to be more compassionate towards dumb creatures like animals and birds.

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published by:Sridhar Reddy

First Published:January 1, 2021, 5:47 pm


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