Neymar backs Bolsonaro for presidential election in Brazil

Neymar backs Bolsonaro for presidential election in Brazil

Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar declared his support for right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, three days away from the ultra-polarized election, in a video posted on TikTok on Thursday.

In this video, the Paris SG striker, who has more than eight million subscribers on TikTok and nearly 180 million on Instagram, smiles and imitates a song to vote for Bolsonaro.

Strong support for the outgoing head of state left behind in the elections by the leftist former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Jair Bolsonaro immediately tweeted the video of Neymar.

“Vote, vote and confirm, on the 22nd, it’s Bolsonaro”, says the refrain of this electronic music song, in reference to the code to type on the electronic ballot box on Sunday.

Wearing a black hat, the 30-year-old footballer fidgets in his chair and imitates the number “two” with the fingers of both hands.

On Wednesday, the Selçao star striker, who is one of the favorites for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, announced a visit by President Bolsonaro to his charitable foundation, the Neymar Junior Institute in Praia Grande, near Sao Paulo (southeast). Was hailed in a video, but without explicitly asking for votes for him.

But the Minister of Communications, Fabio Faria, added in the publication of the video: “All in yellow (and) green, with the jersey “Selecao” to vote for our captain next Sunday”.

A month earlier, the head of state published a photo of him with the ball that Neymar would have given him.

Many celebrities have taken a stand during the presidential campaign, with massive support for Lula in show business, such as pop star Anita, with 63 million subscribers on Instagram.



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