Nicholas waits for his wife for hours at the Poland-Ukraine border: “Those who do not pay are left behind”

Nicholas waits for his wife for hours at the Poland-Ukraine border:

Moving to Poland is a liberation for many Ukrainians. However, you have to wait several hours, sometimes 15 hours or more, before getting there. The volunteers who come to help are friendly, but there are misunderstandings on both sides of the border.

Before arriving at the Zosin border post, it is always the same scenario: vehicles parked hundreds of meters away, the constant movement of volunteers, relatives or refugees who have just crossed over.

On site, our team meets Alla. She has been waiting for her daughter and her two grandchildren for sixteen hours. ,There are friends too. In all, they are four adults and twelve children.“, she tells us. After waiting twenty hours, standing in the cold, she looks for her loved ones.

People who don’t pay are left behind

Twenty hours to cross the border! For some it is salvation. But thousands more are still trapped in Ukraine.

Nicholas, whom we met on the spot, does not understand why it is so slow. He is waiting for his wife and his mother-in-law, still in line on the other side. ,I heard that on the Ukrainian side they ask to pay for entering buses to get priority. Those who don’t pay are left behind. There is no one to help them. No food, toilet I think they’re in a corner“, describes Nicholas, who was explained to him by his companions.

Authorized volunteers to supply supplies to border areas

So, so that these families can eat, drink and stay warm, volunteers work hard to send them everything they can to fit in a car or van. ,We have received permission to be able to return to the border area to enable refugees to bring everything that comes here as donations from all over Europe.“, says a volunteer who speaks English.

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Bring what they can, but also a little rest. Make the waiting in the cold less unbearable, hug each other and look forward to a better day, before finally being able to find each other.


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