No Deal Brexit: Navy boat on standby to save UK waters

No Deal Brexit: Navy boat on standby to save UK waters

“The measures taken to protect our rights as an independent coastal state include a number of patrol vessels from military and maritime entities used to provide physical presence, maneuvering and surveillance capabilities,” the ministry said in a statement. Stated in a statement.

The ministry said four departments of Fashore patrol vessels would be available to assist other government departments in patrolling the UK’s waters where needed.

The move comes as Brexit talks between Britain and the European Union enter a decisive 48 hours, with both sides expressing doubts about reaching a deal before Sunday’s deadline.

A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Defense said on Saturday that the MODA had undertaken extensive planning and preparations to ensure that the defense was ready for a variety of defense conditions by the end of the transition period.

The spokesman said the preparations include a standby package of 14,000 employees to ensure we are ready to support other government departments and officials during the winter period, including the EU transition, Covid-19 and possible weather events.

Daniel Kavzenzi, MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham, urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to protect UK waters from “illegal French fishing” in the case of the Not-Deal Berksit.

“In the event that no agreement is reached with the EU on Sunday, we must receive a full guarantee from Boris Johnson that the British Navy will be deployed in our waters from 1 January to prevent illegal French fishing.”

Johnson said Friday he hopes to reach a deal, but the scenario is becoming more impossible.

“We hope that progress can be made, but I have to say, now that I’m standing here in Bleth, it seems very likely that we will have to go for a compromise that I think is going on. It’s wonderful for the UK. We will be able to do exactly what we want, ”he said.

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“It will clearly be different from what we have set out to achieve, but I have no doubt that this country can be ready and come to terms of world trade.”


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