“No one is going to take me seriously”

In a TikTok video, Hunter, 21, discusses his fears as a parent to a 15-year-old. “How do I teach him to drive when I can barely hold the steering wheel? She asks herself. “No other parent or staff member at their school is going to take me seriously,” she says.

Reactions began to rain, as netizens wondered how Hunter could actually have a baby at the age of six. “The answer is simple: I didn’t have a 6-year-old,” she explains. “I recently applied for guardianship of my sister as our father passed away in 2015 and her mother passed away a few months back.”

She then details her story and her perspective, not ignoring the obstacles she faced. “Some people don’t take me seriously. I am 21 and raising a 15 year old daughter and I just graduated from high school three years ago,” she says. The young woman still received several messages of support.

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