Nobel married Kolkata-based heroine ‘Jabbaudi’?

Nobel married Kolkata-based heroine 'Jabbaudi'?

Despite the ups and downs of Noble’s personal relationship with his wife Mahruba Salsbill, the latest update is that they are both doing well. Although she has been separated for a few months, Salsabile has been standing with her husband due to a recent dispute. Nobel was taken by hand to the mental hospital at Pabna in Gopalganj.

Although the Nobel emerged prominently in the controversy, it became the subject of controversy. But this time the dispute spread from Calcutta. News of his second ‘wedding’ arrived in Dhaka from Kolkata’s main daily! According to Saregamapa, Nobel is also known in West Bengal. As a result, the wedding news did not take long to go viral.

Anandbazar published a picture of the Nobel laureate on 24 May. The film shows the face of Pallavi, the actress of the series ‘K Apne K!’ The character’s name in the series is ‘Jabbaudi’. And in the picture, Nobel and Pallabi are seen standing behind the same garland and smiling. The dress is similar to the bride and groom.

According to the magazine, this picture is one year old! Which has recently been edited and released in Net World by a person from India. Viral with photo release

It is known that on February 3 last year, Nobelman posted a picture with his sister on Instagram. In the photo, Nobel and his sister are seen standing with the same garland around the neck. The film was edited and put on the face of Nobel’s sister Pallavi in ​​the series ‘Ke Apne Ke Par’. He then wrote a picture on the net, ‘Jabbaudi got married without telling anyone’!

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In the comment section, a man sarcastically wrote, ‘Our beloved Jabba Boudi has finally taken the responsibility of handling a mental patient with food! Someone wrote, ‘Whatever fame Jaba Baudi has shown in Star Jalsa for the last 10 years, he should have got Nobel first!’

Needless to say that recently there has been a storm in the whole world around Dhaka around Nobel. He has continuously insulted many star artists of the country. For this, he had to go to the police station and fill the bond, apologize and delete all the posts. Not only this, you can also do welding with the help of fire.


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