North Koreans worried about Kim Jong Un’s “thinness”

North Koreans worried about Kim Jong Un's

heyNorth Koreans are concerned about Kim Jong Un’s apparent weight loss, state television KRT, which is strictly controlled by the state, revealed this Friday.

According to Reuters, a resident of Pyongyang even told KRT that everyone is concerned about the leader’s “thinness” after appearing in a recently recorded video.

See “General Secretary [Kim Jong Un] So thin that it breaks people’s hearts. Everyone had tears in their eyes,” revealed the man, who declined to be identified.

Despite being exposed to this testimony, KRT did not come forward with details about Kim Jong Un’s weight loss.

The North Korean leader, who is reportedly 37, has not been seen for almost a month. According to NK News, it is even thinner than South Korea. Even the watch strap had to be tightened.

It is remembered that, as early as last year, it was speculated that Kim was seriously ill or even died, as he recalled, for the first time in North Korean history, the state’s founder, Kim Il. Sung’s birthday, April 15.

In early May, the leaders of the North Korean Workers’ Party finally appeared. However, the speculation did not end there. Since then, his health has been closely watched by international media as well as spy agencies and experts, according to Reuters.

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