“Nothing was right in this interview”, “adequacy”, “contempt”: Apollin de Malherbe criticized for his condescension to an environmental activist

"Rien n'allait dans cette interview", "Suffisance", "Mépris": Apolline de Malherbe critiquée pour sa condescendance envers une militante écolo

In Apollon Matin, 22-year-old environmental activist Sasha, came to debate the topic “Do we need more radicalism to have a real awareness of the heat wave”.

But in the face of the somewhat condescending tone of journalist Apollin de Malherbe, the debate came to nothing. And on social media, the video quickly went viral, crossing one million views.

And it is actually the questions and answers from journalists that are taken into account, not the answers of the young environmental activist.

The journalist first noted the action during which environmental activists blocked the A13 motorway over Easter: “You have noticed that there, you have created frustration or anger among users who were in their cars and who were just wanted to go to work”. “Doesn’t it really seem like the cause is turning against you and vice versa, you’re going to hold people up?” she asks. To which Sasha replied: “It has nothing to do with this”.

This reaction knocked Apollin de Malherbe down from his waist. She later begins to bite her guest: “I guess you’re not listening to me. I can ask you questions, but you’re there in your TGV”, she lets go.

The tone rose even more when she asked her guest if she intended to be a mother in the future.

outrage on the web

Reactions on social networks have been fierce.

“This (pseudo) journalist is a thug. Disdainful. I’m surprised she has no idea about the situation and can be so irresponsible…”, one internet user angrily.

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“Nothing is going well in this interview … with a 22-year-old girl looking for a confrontation at all costs, instead of talking about the motivation for her actions, the root of the problem”, commented France 24 journalist Audrey Racine.

“Thanks for lessons in humanism from eco-activist Sasha for facing the contempt of Apollin de Malherbe”, adds another internet user

“An opportunity to remember that Apollin de Malherbe is someone very disgusting”, writes another Internet user, sharing a video of the sequence.


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