Novak Djokovic’s name not mentioned in Australian Open

 Novak Djokovic's name not mentioned in Australian Open

He cared more about what the schedule of matches at the Australian Open would look like than the fact that the world’s best tennis player and nine-time winner of the tournament had been relegated.

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After that the reactions don’t stop coming Novak Djokovic lost in court, It is known when he will leave Australia, and the best tennis player in the world was a matter of minister’s pleasure. Alexa Hauka who canceled his visa, as well as the Prime Minister of Australia scota morrisona, who said “now is the time to enjoy”.

Afterwards clumsy atp declaration About Djokovic, now an honest insult to the Tennis Federation of Australia!

At the end of the trial, he defended Nowaki. nick kirjoso I Vasek Pospisilik, but not “Tennis Australia”, chaired by Craig Tilly, the organizer of the Australian Open.

The organisation, which is largely to blame for complicating Djokovic’s situation in that country, issued a very brief statement focusing on the schedule of matches at the Australian Open, rather than the fact that The world’s best tennis player and nine-time tournament winner was relegated.

Tennis Australia respects the decision of the Federal Court. According to the rules of the Grand Slam, the place of the first winner in the draw is filled by the ‘easy loser’. You can check here the updated schedule of matches for Monday 17 January. May you be successful”, he wrote on social media.

It was “Tennis Australia” that complicated the whole process, as several information surfaced after Djokovic’s visa was revoked, which indicated that getting the coronavirus was not enough for a player to get a medical exemption. , as claimed initially.

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Such was the case with Novak Djokovic, who was then granted a valid medical exemption. However, the Australian authorities were involved in everything and did not care about the original court ruling in Djokovic’s favor …

during that time, alize korn She embarrassed all the other tennis players, because they didn’t defend Djokovic…

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