OAS report on Nicaragua recommends calling for cancellation of elections

OAS report on Nicaragua recommends calling for cancellation of elections
Uruguayan Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) (EFE/Lenin Nolly/Archivo)

OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro said that The elections in Nicaragua were “illegitimate” and “a clear violation of the Democratic Charter”, To which he urged member states to take measures at the next General Assembly, when Daniel Ortega received a new election after arresting several opposition candidates.

“We reject the results of the illegal election in Nicaragua,” Almagro tweeted after Sunday’s election. “I urge the OAS countries to respond to this apparent violation of the (Inter-American) Democratic Charter during their assembly“General, he said, one day before the start of the annual hemisphere conference.

Almagro, who called on Twitter on Monday for the release of political prisoners, also shared Secretariat’s 17-page report to strengthen democracyIn which he reviewed many irregularities in the election and called for a new process.

The international community should demand the cancellation of the election on Sunday, 7 November and call for a new electoral process with guarantees, electoral observation and true electoral competition., document ended.

“Nicaragua has gone through a violent democratic erosion that, through a flawed process, has led to the breakdown of its democratic governance according to the principles and norms of the inter-American system,” he said in his findings, in which he emphasized that in country There is no separation of powers and electoral authority is co-opted by the executive branch..

Several countries have dismissed and even described Sunday’s elections as a “joke” in which Ortega won a fourth consecutive term. In contrast, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Russia have supported the result.

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Almagro had already asked in June to activate the mechanism to enforce Nicaragua’s Article 21 Inter-American Democratic Charter. The provision establishes that a country may be suspended from the OAS if two-thirds of the member states decide that there has been a “breakdown of the democratic system” and that “diplomatic efforts to reverse the situation have been unsuccessful”.

The suspension must be voted on in the General Assembly, the highest organ of the OAS, and will be effective immediately. But the charter establishes that the suspended country must continue to fulfill its obligations “particularly in the field of human rights”, and that the OAS will continue to make diplomatic efforts to restore democracy.


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