Official policy states that Biden is not Obama in Cuban policy

Official policy states that Biden is not Obama in Cuban policy

(CNN Español) – Juan Gonzalez, President Joe Biden’s assistant and head director for the Western Hemisphere at the White House National Security Council, said in an interview with CNN that the process of coordination with the Cuban government would be gradual and not expected to resume Barack Obama’s policy on the island.

“Joe Biden is not Barack Obama in Cuba, I believe that both … political moments have changed considerably, the political space has been very closed, because the Cuban government has not responded in any way, and indeed the Cubes Harassment against is worse today, perhaps during the Bush administration. So, I believe that the commitments that we have at the moment will be made in a few moments, we are very focused on various crises around the world and also on the domestic situation. are doing.

In 2014, then-President Barack Obama announced the beginning of a process to normalize relations with Cuba. In 2016, after Donald Trump was in power, the White House changed focus and reinstated various sanctions against the island’s government. At the beginning of his term, Biden still does not signal to resume diplomatic synergy of the Obama era.

Gonzalez: They will increase the ban if Maduro is not changed 1:27

On the other hand, Gonzalez sent a message to the Venezuelan question chairman, Nicolas Maduro. He does not expect direct dialogue between the United States and anyone who exercises power in that country: “The dialogue that Nicolas Maduro, Georg Rodriguez should have, is not with us, it is with Guedo, It is with that broad front that it has been tried to build civil society, private sector sectors on the future of the country. We are not imposing conditions on that process, it is purely Venezuelan process. .

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