Oil tanker explodes in Sierra Leone killing 92 so far and many injured ntc


Story Highlights

  • Oil tanker explodes in Sierra Leone
  • 92 people died, crowd of relatives outside the mortuary

An oil tanker exploded near Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. At least 92 people were killed and dozens were seriously injured in this horrific incident. The blast occurred late Friday night after a bus rammed into a tanker in Wellington, a suburb east of the capital, Freetown.

After this incident, 92 bodies are reported to have been brought to the morgue of Connaught Hospital till Saturday morning. According to Phode Musa, a staff member of the ICU, about 30 victims of severe burns are not expected to survive.

The clothes of those who were brought to the hospital in injured condition were burnt in the fire after the explosion and they were lying naked on stretchers. Hundreds of people were seen gathering outside the mortuary and the hospital for the dead bodies of their loved ones. However, it cannot be said right now how many people are still being treated. A large fireball was seen in the night sky after the explosion, in a video released by the Associated Press. At the same time, the sound of some seriously scorched people crying was echoing all around. After the blast, the burnt bodies of the victims were scattered in the mortuary waiting for the vehicles.

President on a visit to Scotland

The country’s President Julius Mada Bio, who arrived in Scotland on Saturday to attend UN climate talks, expressed regret, calling it a “terrible loss of life”. He tweeted, “My deepest sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones and who have been crippled as a result.”

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Vice President Mohamed Zuldeh Jaloh visited two hospitals overnight and said that Sierra Leone’s National Disaster Management Agency and others were making “tireless efforts” in the wake of the emergency. “We are all deeply moved by this national tragedy,” he wrote on his Facebook page. Sad, and this is indeed a difficult time for our country.”


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