Older Vaccines Effective Against Monkeypox

Les anciens vaccins efficaces contre la variole du singe

The specific vaccine, developed for a few years by the company Bavarian Nordic, can only be ordered by federal authorities. Monkeypox usually causes flu-like symptoms and sores on the skin. It appeared earlier this month in mostly gay men in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Canada and the US.

It’s still premature to talk about “sexually transmitted viruses” within groups of people, with research going on on the topic, Dr. According to Soentjens. The infection most often occurred in Africa, but has now spread to Europe and particularly to Belgium, where three cases have been confirmed.

“Simple” smallpox was eradicated in the 1970s following a worldwide vaccination campaign. “Those who have been vaccinated are also protected from monkeypox, which is less toxic than others,” says an ITM expert.

The Bavarian Nordic Company has a specific vaccine. “It can be used in nursing staff or in people who have had risky exposure,” says Dr. Soentjens.

IMT has also received authorization to conduct analysis of PCR tests, for which samples are taken from the skin. This will allow the institute to quickly detect and isolate positive cases. Till now the samples were to be sent to the Netherlands for analysis.

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