“One Christmas is already ruined and we don’t want another”

A married couple, Brian and Alison, decided to make renovations to their home to have more space. The project was to expand their home with a new kitchen.

Brian, 62, of Durham, England, hired Pennine, a local construction company, who told him the work would take about four weeks. But a year later, the situation is unchanged and they are still working!

Brian tells The Sun: “They started in October and we haven’t had a sink since January, so we had to do all the washing in the tub, which was exhausting. »

Brian and his wife Alison say this has really upset the family because they can’t enjoy their new home as they want. “We couldn’t decorate because of the dust,” says Brian. “It’s not where you want to come back after work, we live on a building site. I can’t tell you how many hours of sleep we lost and how much stress and disruption it caused our family.”

The family cried out the real cry of distress: “We’ve already ruined Christmas and we don’t want another ruined this year.”

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For its part, the Newcastle-based company said it was working to bring a “satisfactory conclusion” on the situation.

A Pennine spokesperson said: “Early on installation, it was discovered that an old shut-off valve was hidden behind a wall that needed to be removed under the existing kitchen sink. We informed the customer that this element was to be removed and it was not part of the initially planned work as per the technical study agreed and signed by the client. The client refused to arrange the work and pay so that we could start the rest of the construction. After a total standstill, And for the construction to be completed, Pennin agreed to undertake this non-contractual work and bear the cost. »

“However, the complexity of the work under consideration resulted in delays in finding a plumbing subcontractor to complete the work under consideration; in spite of this, other tasks to be performed after the plumbing works also required complex programming, which we are currently doing.” While we understand customer concerns regarding the time originally scheduled for completion, timing may change when issues beyond our control arise. »


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