One dead and two missing in floods on island of Crete: “Situation was out of control”

One dead and two missing in floods on island of Crete:

Heavy floods hit the island of Crete in southern Greece, killing one and leaving two missing in the Heraklion region, firefighters said on Saturday.

A man in his 50s has died after getting stuck in his car when it started to rain.

According to firefighters who received 453 calls in just an hour on Saturday morning, a woman trapped in their car also suffered minor injuries.

They still have to maneuver for at least nine vehicles surrounded by water.

Eight tourists and a guard were also rescued by firefighters who were trapped in the Archaeological Museum of Sitiya.

Popular hiking destinations for tourists, all the valleys have been closed until further notice.

When asked about the Sky television channel, the mayor of Sitia speculated that “the situation was out of control“explaining that”These events were extraordinary in the area.,

Local media report extensive damage in seaside villages where roads have become de facto rivers carrying everything in their path.

The region’s sub-prefecture, Nikos Sirigonakis, urged its residents to “limit their movements,it’s a tough day“, He added.

Civil Defense said it had been mobilized and asked all citizens in Crete and the surrounding islands, Rhodes, Karpathos, Castelorizo ​​and Kasos, to be on alert for Sunday.

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