One hunter’s words create controversy: “We only have eight deaths a year, that’s too few” (VIDEO)

One hunter's words create controversy:

Invited by the Telematin program on France 2, Thierry Coste reacts to the latest government decisions concerning wine in the hunting world.

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IsPoultry France is embroiled in a controversy related to hunting, with the government announcing a “roadmap to improve and guarantee hunting safety” on Tuesday, specifically considering introducing in some regions half-days without the crime of alcohol or hunting. Doing.

In this context, the comments made by Thierry Coste in the Telematin program are controversial. In this sequence, a lobbyist member of the National Federation of Hunters is questioned about the recent government’s decision regarding the consumption of alcohol. If Coste is open to alcohol tests being imposed on the hunter, it is because of the previous statements that the backlash has been made.

Wanting to reconstruct “psychosis” around hunting-related accidents, then the lobbyist declared: “We only have 8 deaths this year. Sorry if this is shocking to your listeners, but it’s too short, while We fire lakhs of bullets. To be honest, there are not so many problems. ยป

These comments did not fail to elicit a response on the social network, days after cyclists were hit by shrapnel from a predator.

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