One in six Belgians owns at least one other house or apartment.

One in six Belgians owns at least one other house or apartment.

Of the 4.9 million Belgians who own real estate assets, 854,914 own more than one house or apartment, sometimes as co-ownership or usufruct, according to figures that SPF Finance provided to the dailies L’Echo and published De Tijd who publishes them. on Saturday.

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26-11-22, 08:59

AFP, Le Eco and De Tijd

More than one in six residential property owners therefore own at least one house or apartment in addition to their home, for use as an investment or as a second home, a figure that is rising.

Of these multiple owners, 575,000 have a house or an apartment in addition to their main residence, with the remaining 280,000 having at least three. Just under 8% own more than five properties. Of the latter, there are 43 Belgians with more than fifty properties to their names. These include vacation homes, rental apartments or small studios.

Just under 176,000 Belgians have residence abroad. And some 20,000 of them have many. France is by far the most popular country, followed by Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

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