One of them was murdered … 3 billion artists killed

One of them was murdered ... 3 billion artists killed

12:06 PM

Thursday, March 18, 2021

I wrote – Manal al-Jiohi:

Three Arab artists left our world during the last two days, Syrian artist Raifa al-Riz, Algerian artist Reem Ghazali and Syrian singer Mayada Basilis.

Raifa Rice

He is a Syrian artist, known as Raifa Ahmed, and the Dutch police found his body, on Tuesday evening, when he was stabbed to death in his apartment, and the crime is under investigation.

Rifa took up residence in the Netherlands and applied for asylum years ago. She applied for Dutch nationality some time ago, before leaving our world under mysterious circumstances.

Maya Tulsi

Yesterday, Wednesday, after a struggle with cancer, the Syrian artistic community lost the legendary Syrian singer Mayada Basilis at the age of 54.

The singer, whose audience “The Lady of the Arabic Song” had been suffering from cancer for some time, and her husband called composer Sameer Koifati to pray and pray for him after his health deteriorated last evening. Was, yesterday evening.

Reem ghazali

Reem Ghazali, the star of the third edition of the Algerian talent show “Star Academy”, left our world on Wednesday at the age of 39 after struggling with cancer.

And her sister, artist, Salma Ghazali, announced the news of her sister’s death, who underwent an operation to remove a brain tumor in November 2019, and after her health improved, her illness returned again months earlier Came and his health condition deteriorated during the previous period, to leave our world yesterday in a hospital in the French capital, Paris.

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