One person was swept away by Hurricane Fiona in Canada

One person was swept away by Hurricane Fiona in Canada

Hurricane Fiona hit Canada’s Atlantic coast on Saturday, leaving half a million homes without power, property damage and a missing woman.

According to a police spokesman, two women were washed away in Chanel-Port-aux-Basque in the province of Newfoundland. Of the two victims taken after their house collapsed, one was rescued and hospitalized, the other is missing. Trees were uprooted, houses were washed away, electric wires damaged…”Fiona I left her mark on Nova Scotia and neighboring provinces”The region’s prime minister, Tim Houston, said during a press conference on Saturday afternoon. Meteorologist Bob Robichaud said violent gusts are expected to continue through the evening. “Conditions should gradually improve over the next three to six hours”, Nova Scotia recorded up to 192 mm of rain.

Strong winds are still blowing over northern Cape Breton Island, western Newfoundland and the Magdalen Islands. “Large waves have reached the east coast of Nova Scotia and southwestern Newfoundland, and they can exceed 12 metres,” officials warned. Fiona, now with winds of 110 km/h, should move toward Quebec and southeast Labrador by the end of the night.

“With you”

“Thinking of all those affected by Hurricane Fiona. Know that we are with you”Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted, declaring that federal officials are ready to “provide additional resources to the provinces”.

The head of government, who canceled his participation in Japan’s funeral for former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, assured “following the situation very closely” during a news conference on Saturday afternoon. “Canadians are thinking of all those affected by Hurricane Fiona, which is having devastating effects (…).

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There are people who see their homes being destroyed, people who are very worried – we will be there for you”, he said. – Visit to Bermuda – Fiona spent Friday off Bermuda, 160 km / s. Thunderstorms and heavy storms occurred. It rained in this British territory of about 64,000 inhabitants, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but without any casualties or major damage. Located a thousand kilometers from the United States and accustomed to hurricanes , is one of the most isolated places in the world, which makes evacuation almost impossible in the event of an emergency. Fiona took preparedness seriously. Buildings and homes also follow strict construction rules to withstand storms Should.


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