Orange Harris on Vogue cover, accusations of racism

Orange Harris on Vogue cover, accusations of racism

Kamala Harris, the country’s first woman and black vice-president, is featured on the cover of popular American fashion magazine Vogue.

However, it is alleged that he was deliberately shown extra impartiality here. News from the New York Times.

He reiterated his black and Asian identity in the election campaign. He also became emotional after winning elections and making history.

But before the swearing-in, the dispute began with the skin color of the future Vice President of the United States, Kamal Harris. Many people have complained that the popular magazine ‘Vogue’ has deliberately shown its impartiality on their cover.

‘Bhoga’ has selected Kamala for the cover of the month of February. On Sunday, he published two covers about Kamala on Twitter. In it, Kamala captures the way everyone is used to seeing her.

In one he is wearing black trousers and a jacket, with white-black sneakers on his feet. And in another, standing in a gray-blue suit, orange.

But what caught everyone’s attention on the cover is that both pictures featured orange skin color, which did not match the reality.

This is the reason that accusations of racism against the popular newspaper are increasing. Netizens have also expressed their anger by tagging ‘Vogue’ on Twitter.

Many also surprised newspaper editor Anna Winter. Many have made fun of British-American Anna being particularly sensitive to whites.

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