“Our Father Bandera” in the Ukrainian Parliament

Videos of the song “Our Father Bandera” have flooded social media in Ukraine. According to reports behind the eastern border, the entire action was initiated by a group of students from a school in Lviv, who sang during the lessons and made the recordings available on TikTok. Within a dozen or so days, the initiative gained enormous popularity, and the Bandera song continues to resonate throughout Ukraine. “Students, students, athletes and stars sing about Bandera” – we read on the website of the Ukrainian TV channel “5 Kanas”.

“Students sing a song about Bandera in the classroom, during breaks, in classrooms and cloakrooms, in toilets and corridors” – calculates the website unian.ua. Material regarding the popularity of the song was produced by the Ukrainian television TCH, which edited a compilation of the recordings.

A group of representatives of the European Solidarity faction joined the action and sang “Our Father Bandera”. “The moment when popular flashmobs came from schools to the Verkhovna Rada,” wrote on Facebook Oleksey Honcharenko, a politician who uploaded the video from parliament to the network. The cast includes, among others, Volodymyr Vyatrovich, the former head of the Ukrainian National Institute of Remembrance.

“With Bandera our father, Ukraine mother, we will fight for Ukraine,” we hear. After the performance of the song, he said goodbye to the Ukrainian nationalists: “Fame Ukarzini-Herozm Fame!”.


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