“Our lives are in their hands”: intervention of a Chilean student at COP26. special

A Chilean geography student and a young Brazilian indigenous woman spoke at the COP26 Leaders’ Summit in Glasgow on Monday, With an energetic message in favor of fighting against climate change and protecting nature.

Heads of state and government arrive in Glasgow for the launch of the 12-day Climate Change Conference.

Isis Riquelme introduces himself with a video message to the audience as an “ecofeminist” and a student of geography in Chile.

“We, your children, your children, have decided to cooperate globally to take care of our home. But you are the one who decides how to rebuild it. I urge you to listen”, asked the young woman.

Please help us guarantee a better future. Our life is in his hands. The decisions you take at this conference will change the course of humanity. It’s time to act”he demanded.

For his part, Vallasoetxige Pater Bandeira Surui of the Pater Surui tribe said: “I am 24 years old, but my people have been living in the Amazon for 6,000 years,” as he began to read in front of an audience of more than 120 leaders. Planets.

Dressed in a traditional dress and feathered cap, with his face painted, Pater Bandera Surui claimed the heritage of his ancestors, the ecological wealth of the Amazon, and demanded protection for indigenous leaders who are murdered defending their communities.

The young woman, a law student, explained, “Today the climate is warming, animals are disappearing, rivers are dying, and our plants no longer thrive.”

Pater Bandeira Surui spoke to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres just before, Who, in turn, asked the leaders present to reach agreements to “save humanity” from climate change.

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“The earth is talking to us, and it is telling us that there is no time left,” explained the young Brazilian.

“We need another way. Not in 2030, not in 2050, but now”The international community claimed indigenous women, pointing to the main goals of progress they had set for themselves.

“We have thoughts of postponing the end of the world. Let’s put an end to the lies,” he asked.


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