Outrage in Muslim countries after “insulting the Prophet”

Outrage in Muslim countries after

Protests are increasing in the Muslim world after the ruling party spokesperson in India called this remark an insult to Islam.

Suspended comments on Sunday by a spokesperson of the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) describing the close relationship between the Prophet Muhammad and his youngest wife Ayesha sparked outrage in several Gulf countries, where millions of Indians as well as Even in Iran. Algeria or Egypt.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), based in Saudi Arabia and which brings together around 60 Muslim countries, on Sunday condemned the Indian official’s remarks, which included a “In the context of Islamophobia in India,

In Kuwait, a supermarket belonging to the Al Ardia Co-operative Society chain has decided to boycott Indian products. ,We have removed Indian products“, may we read in this supermarket, where bags of rice and shelves of spices are covered with tarpaulin.

Kuwait, Qatar and Iran have summoned Indian envoys to apologise. Saudi Arabia saidrespect for beliefs and religions”While Bahrain and Jordan welcomed Ms Sharma’s suspension on Sunday.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, which is regularly accused of stigmatizing India’s Muslim minority (about 14% of the population), said in a statement that it “Respected all religions.

Nupur Sharma was participating in a televised debate on 22 May when she said this, which shook some Muslim countries. But his words were circulated on YouTube before they were taken down. She wrote on Twitter that she was responding to a debate that “Insult“But He Recurring Against The Indian Lord Shiva”withdrawn without reservation“These words if they can”To hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.”

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The Gulf countries, which import almost all of their food needs, maintain good trade relations with India, which also provides them with cheap labor in large quantities.

According to Indian officials, out of 13.5 million Indian expatriates worldwide, 8.7 million live in the six Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


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