Pakistan Embassy Serbia tweets parody video targeting PM

Pakistan Embassy Serbia tweets parody video targeting PM

Pakistan Embassy Parody Video: In the midst of news like ‘Pakistan in debt’, now the current Pakistan Embassy in Serbia has surrounded the government of its own country. After a video of the embassy surfaced, the government of Pakistan is getting a lot of humiliation on the Internet. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been tapped by the embassy in a video. In this video, Pak PM Imran Khan has been slammed fiercely.

It has been told through the tweet, “Inflation is high and salary has not been received for three months. Children were thrown out of school and now we have no other option. It is being told that people working in Pakistan Embassy Have not received salary for 3 months.

we have no other way

Pakistan’s embassy in Serbia has said that how long do you expect Imran Khan from us that we government officials will remain silent. Will continue to work for you from last 3 months without paying. Our children have been thrown out of school for non-payment of fees. It has been written in the tweet that Prime Minister Imran Khan, we are sorry. We don’t have any other option than this.

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