Panic in Brazil: Hostages robbed and tied to the roof of the getaway car

Panic in Brazil: Hostages robbed and tied to the roof of the getaway car

Panic on the streets of Arstova city of Brazil: Three people were killed in a shootout on the streets of the city between police and robbers.

Among the dead are two civilians who were caught in the encounter and a robber who was shot dead by a police officer. Also unknown residents of the city were taken hostage by the robbers and it was not disclosed what happened to them.

The incident took place on the intervening night of Sunday to Monday when a gang of robbers raided the city, closing the exit and entrance gates, shutting down the police station to disable the police as well as several banks and ATMs in the city’s branches. blew it up money order.

The exact number of robbers threw explosives around the city, some exploded and some were neutralized. The aim was to intimidate residents and security forces.

As a lesson from the previous incident, when the police tried to kill the robbers by snipers trying to avoid killing the hostages, the robbers tied the hostages to cars.

The hostages were seen tied to the vehicle’s roofs, windshields as well as bumper covers and hoods, to prevent any possibility of sniper fire on them.

The police refrained from fighting, except at one point in which two civilians and a robber were actually killed. It is not clear whether the civilians killed were hostages or were killed by stray bullets.

The incident of Aristova is no exception. The city was previously occupied by robbers, apparently by the same gang, for several hours, during which the robbers robbed the city’s bank branches.

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In addition, several Brazilian cities have been the victims of similar robbery attacks, and it is suspected that a crime gang is behind all the incidents.

According to reports, the robbers had used a photo glider in the previous attack, and apparently there was a front control room that operated the glider and supervised all operations carried out in parallel across several arenas, with a commander There was a commander to command and build with. Make sure that all the forces do their job in perfect coordination.


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