Paris calls for continued reforms “with respect” for independence in Algeria

Paris calls for continued reforms

Jean-Yves Le Drian, the head of French diplomacy, called in Algeria Wednesday after a new wave of protesters’ condemnation for continuing “reforms” and “of the press” in Algeria. Diamond

“Algerian authorities have expressed an ambition to deepen reform in Algeria with a sense of dialogue and openness that matches the expectations expressed by the Algerians in a peaceful manner and with respect in Hirak. Our only wish is for the Algerians and Algerians The reforms are a success for the benefit of “, the minister announced before the French Senate.

“It is up to the Algerians, and only on them, to decide the modalities of this destiny, in relation to public freedom, to freedom of expression, to freedom of the press, for which France in the world Connected everywhere ”, he added, denying any additional comment for the fifteen-day election in Algeria.

The minister was questioned by Senator and former Socialist Minister Lawrence Rossinall over the “suppression” of the “civil and peaceful movement” of Hirac’s protests and the arrest and punishment of “activists, citizens, journalists …”.

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A human rights NGO reported on Tuesday about twenty prison sentences in the past 24 hours for those who tried to participate in the Hirac march.

More than 2,000 protesters were arrested, nearly a hundred of whom were taken into police custody and under sixty arrest warrants, with the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH) vice-chairman Saeed Salhi describing the situation Told. Worrying “.

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To break up any protests on the road ahead of the June 12 legislative elections, the Interior Ministry decided to force the organizers of the Diamond March – a movement without actual leadership – to “announce” demonstrations in advance to authorities . Banning them.

Since then, Hirak gatherings have been halted in Algiers and some cities, triggering a wave of arrests across the country.


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